About Us

ME (cfs) Helpful Hints for Daily Living is an attempt to provide practical hints and resource information to support those suffering from this illness.

This material has been collected mainly from personal experience as a ME (cfs) sufferer and the experience of other sufferers, as well as information gained from other resources. I would also like to acknowledge the generous information sharing and contributions of others, which has made this all possible.

My previous training and career as an Occupational Therapist, with experience in rehabilitation, community health, psychiatry, and geriatric psychiatry, has also influenced my approach, to try and help manage the daily difficulties and problems arising from ME (cfs) in a practical way.

While there are some informative books and articles about ME (cfs), there is a paucity of practical hints and information on managing the illness for daily living.

Many sufferers may remain quite debilitated for some time,

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and will require varying levels of help and support for long periods, and may find these practical hints helpful for daily living throughout the illness.

What external help and support is available, and where to find it from, is another area where sufferers need assistance, and the resource and contact information here is provided to help meet this need. Services and contact information is for Victoria, Australia, but similar services may be available in your area.

These hints and the service and resource providers listed are intended as general information only, please feel free to do your own research. No responsibility is accepted or recommendation made for their use. This information should not be used as a substitute for consultation with a qualified Health Practitioner.

I first became ill in 1995, but it was not until April 2002 when I suffered a severe relapse that I was finally diagnosed with ME (cfs), six months later. This collection of material is the information I wish I had then as I struggled to cope daily with ME (cfs), unaware of what services were available and too ill to know how and where to find help.

Copies may be made of this material if the purpose is to help sufferers, or raise awareness of ME (cfs) issues, so long as the source is acknowledged.

Priscilla Ling
March 2007